Why RadNet TV?

RadNet Television (RTV) was created to deliver targeted programming to an audience of patients, family members, friends and guests. With over ten million viewers each year, RTV is a platform to showcase educational, topical and relatable content. As a guest is seated in one of our waiting rooms, they will be provided with materials on our TV screens and that will keep them occupied during their visit. This is also a perfect environment to showcase your business and/or products to a larger viewership.

"I got called much too quickly for my appointment. I actually took my seat again after my visit to finish what I was watching."

"Can I get this through my cable company?"

"Am I able to buy a copy of this video?"

"I hope you're going to do this at all your locations.

I currently visit two of your centers for my healthcare."

RTV Program Content

(Sample Content Airing)

Physician Profiles

Location Information

Facts & Statistics

Topical Information

Events & Fairs

Equipment Evaluations


Patient Stories

History of Healthcare

Eat Well live Longer plus more...

Medical Advances

Survival Stories

Patient Profiles

MD Bio's

New Developments

Treatment Options

Events & Fairs

Equipment Today


Diet & Exercise

Healthy Alternatives

plus more...

Clinical Trials

Foundation Events

Become a Sponsor

Research Updates

What's happening?

Future of Medicine

plus more...

RTV Schedule

Advertiser Content Schedule

Advertisers will have their content uploaded as soon as payment is received.

Advertisers content can be updated monthly at their discretion during the term of the contract.

RTV Programming Schedule

ZONE 1: Video will be updated quarterly with new programming.

ZONE 2: Messaging to be updated daily and weekly.